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The Statement of Purpose says it all. The New Hampshire corporate public servants, your employees, are committing fraud against the people of New Hampshire and have no plans of doing anything about it any time soon. There excuse is “Inexpedient to Legislate” which means in layman it will cost the corporate State too much money in lost revenues. Wow, the almighty dollar wins over the constitution once again, go figure.

HB1778 was shot down on 2018-02-15 by a vote of 287 to 44 on Inexpedient to Legislate. The good news is Rep. Dick Marple was elected for another term on November 6th. Rep. Marple plans to introduce a new bill on “Right to Travel” in the 2019 regular session. Rep. Marple and sponsors need the help of all New Hampshirites. This is a right that you are owed, not a privilege you have to pay for. This is a call out to all people of New Hampshire state to get involved and contact your state representatives and let them know that you are demanding your right to travel unimpeded by a corporate agency who has no authority to deny you your right to travel never mind charge you to exercise that right. If enough people get involved and make a call and put their feet to the fire things will change. Until “We the People” get involved and correct this the cycle will continue. If enough pressure is put on the representatives we can get the bill out of the House. Let’s get moving people; we have an opportunity here that we cannot ignore.

Rep. Dick Marple says it best:

“You are correct in that we must get the attention of the people and gain support for the return of $$$$millions to the pockets of the people and shrink governments size.
The "duplication of process" wherein the government actually commits the criminal Tort of CONVERSION when it "takes", without compensation, the "Certificate of Origin" known in lawful terms as the DEED to your automobile and then offers you the opportunity to purchase (now becomes a contract) a paper "Certificate" of "Title". Not the return of your deed. This is an unlawful flow of revenue ! You MUST make your colleagues throughout this nation, aware of this extortion, as it is going on in all of the states and runs into the TRILLIONS of $$$ that should be in the pockets of the people who earned it with their work and have a right to spend it for themselves and not the pockets of the corporate parasites now enjoying the work put forth by the productive members in our society.”

HB1778 2018 Roll Call.xlsx, this is a spread sheet listing the roll call vote on HB1778 and every representative and a link to contact them.
New 2019 Right to Travel Bill.docx, This is the draft of the new bill that will be introduced in 2019. Read it, understand it and call your representatives.
HB1778 2018 Roll Call.xlsx
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