All Politics Is Local

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All Politics Is Local

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All Politics Is Local
by Jim McKinley, November 19, 2018

In these days when we are being assaulted with the Kabuki theatre called "national elections", most of the attention is directed to the DC swamp where it seems half the people are looking at the nanny state as some great savior and the other half is looking to have the place "drained" and most of the critters sent to some kind of far-off place where they can no longer wreak their oppression on others.

Meanwhile, issues on the local level are being ignored, taxes continue to rise, the main street economy is not as robust as people are led to believe by all the stock market hype, middle-class people are living in tents and weather issues from floods to fires are creating havoc for many.
Several decades ago there was a phrase bandied about: "All politics is local." While many pols used it, credit for its origin is usually given to Massachusetts Democrat Tip O'Neill, perhaps because he authored a book of the same name.

However, Barry Popik, who identifies himself as a "friendly scholar of Americanisms," attributes the phrase to Byron Price (1891-1981), the Associated Press’s Washington bureau chief and author of the newspaper column "Politics at Random," who wrote "politics is local" and "all politics is local politics" in February 1932.

Who used the phrase first is irrelevant – what is relevant is to see if there is some basis for it.

At the end of the Revolutionary War, the thirteen colonies that comprised the American Confederation negotiated a deal with Britain. the essence of which was that the colonies would each be recognized as a sovereign state and in return would collectively give Britain certain powers over their commercial activities via the Constitution for the united States of America (unincorporated). which was completed in September, 1787.

Nine of the thirteen colonies were needed to ratify the Constitution and five did so almost immediately. The remainder of the colonies perhaps smelled a rat – they refused to ratify because undelegated powers were not reserved to the states and there was no constitutional protection of basic personal and political rights. A compromise was reached whereby the Constitution would be amended by a bill of rights addressing the Constitutional defects.

In essence, the Constitution set up a corporation (corporate fiction) whose only lawful function is to provide nineteen delegated services to the sovereign states. In other words, the "Federal Government" is lawfully a servant to the sovereign states, not their master.

The state governmental structure followed suit. For example, New Hampshire, the lawfully constituted republic of the flesh and blood people "constituted" the State of New Hampshire, a corporation whose intended purpose was to execute the people's business, This is reflected today in The New Hampshire CONSTITUTION booklet. The seal of the republic adorns the booklet cover over the seal of the corporation, and inside, PART FIRST – BILL OF RIGHTS lists the people's rights (not government privileges) followed by PART SECOND – FORM OF GOVERNMENT, which defines how the government services are to operate. The cover and the order of the constitutional parts are a clear symbolic statement of who rules over what.

Which brings us back to the title of this essay.

All Politics Is Local

The American colonies – not the federal corporation – incorporated the county as a form of local government. Counties served as administrative districts for the colonies. The colonial governor appointed multiple officials to a county court that governed the counties. The sheriff and several justices of the peace shared executive power.

Counties were defined such that the county seat was no more than a day's journey for the people that lived within its borders. Today, because of modern communications and travel, counties differ substantially in geographic size and/or population.

American county governments are historically rooted in the English "shires" which were geopolitical units created in England to serve as local administrative arms of the crown. The shires were renamed "counties" after the Norman Conquest in 1066, but retained their function. Government in the English county operated under a plural executive: the shire-reeve, or "sheriff" shared power with the justices of the peace. Both the common law justices and the sheriff were elected directly by the people and their primary duty was to protect the rights and safety of the people.

Hence, the people had control of the local government and had the elected justices and sheriffs answerable directly to them. One little known fact is that the sheriff is the only elected law officer and the highest ranking officer in his county. His authority trumps town and city police, state police and even federal agents. This was upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court in Mack/Printz v.USA.

In addition, the federal government has no lawful authority to dictate to the state and local towns. Local communities can easily negate federal "mandates." What gets passed in D.C. can get nullified at the local level.

An American Tragedy

Right from the start, America has been infiltrated and our freedoms usurped by the cabal of 3B's (bankster-barrister bastards). Nearly every department and agency of government is controlled by BAR attorneys.

There are several ways the cabal has been, and still is, seducing us into slavery:

the sinister 13th amendment – short but so sinister in what it does not say and what it hides.

admiralty jurisdiction – has been quietly pushed onto the states and local governments by means of presumptive agreements, their term for fraudulent deception.

bribery via block grants – As presented in the video, Federal mandates can be refused by refusing the funding. Unfortunately, most local governments fall prey to the bribery of federal funds and hence they agree to give up their sovereignty and submit to federal control.
access to common law courts is blocked – nearly all courts now function probate courts which administer estates.

sheriff's authority is reduced – very few sheriffs have the protection of the rights and freedoms of the people on their job description. Here are a couple of examples (names redacted to protect the guilty):

The **** County Sheriff's Office is responsible for serving all legal writs, providing security in **** Superior Court as well as in the district, family, and probate divisions of the First Circuit Court. Transporting incarcerated persons to and from courts, county jails, state prisons, hospitals, medical facilities, as well as transporting juveniles to the Youth Development Center...
It is the mission of the ******** County Sheriff's Office to enforce the laws of the State ... and the United States of America, faithfully and impartially; and to provide public safety services for the citizens, businesses, and other Law Enforcement Agencies within our jurisdiction, emphasizing professionalism, cooperation, competence and integrity, in order to foster a partnership which will preserve and improve the quality of life in ******** County.

through presumptive agreement people are slaves – but because of the effectiveness of government mind control, they think they are free.
Our Forefathers must think we have lost our collective minds because of the way we have blithely walked into the 3B's trap. And indeed they are correct. Toward the end of his career, George Carlin used to observe the behavior of Americans and comment that "...a mind is a terrible thing to waste."

In conclusion...

If the united States of America are to be restored to the original county based structure, the people have to restore the authority of the county sheriffs and justices. And as those two officers are directly elected by the people, the people, in return, must directly support them and directly assure they are paid for their services, all without some county attorney or commissioner in the middle. In addition, the county common law courts and grand juries must be reconstituted.

None of this will be an easy task. It first requires a massive educational campaign to get people broken free of their mental prisons, followed by concerted actions across each county. Petitions and lawsuits to the existing ensconced government have proven to be ineffective.

There are many who benefit from the current corrupt status and will resist – often violently – to stop any changes. We have seen this occurring already since the election of Donald Trump as President.

Speaking of President Trump, there are many who express a belief that he is going to change everything for the better. That thinking is naive. Presidents have little to no power to make any kind of significant changes, especially at the local level.

Are the American people up to the task? Do they value the rights and freedoms of themselves and future generations sufficiently to break free and act?

Time will tell.

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