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HB507 "RIGHT to TRAVEL" (RTT) 2019 "Let's get this done!"

Posted: Thu Jan 17, 2019 8:10 pm
by WatcherNH
People of New Hampshire. House Bill 507 has been introduced in the 2019 regular session. This is the Right to Travel bill, when passed, that will eliminate the requirement of registering your automobile or other private conveyance, eliminate the requirement of having a driver’s license and eliminate the requirement of having your automobile inspected as long as it is used for noncommercial purposes. This will save all New Hampshirites substantial $$$ and keep your money where it belongs, in your pockets. We need everyone in the State to get involved, call your Representatives and Senators and get this passed. The only way we will get this passed is if we all let our employees know we require them to pass this bill. Get involved!

Below is the bill that was introduced so you can download it and review it. Also keep track of the bills progress and public hearings at the following links.

Statement of Purpose. The general court finds that the jurisdiction and authority of the department of safety is limited to only the commercial users of the public ways and that the corporate state employees have, by their silence, failed to fully inform the sovereign people of this state that an automobile has been confirmed by Chief Justice Grimes, in 108 N.H. 386, to be "private property" defined by current RSA 382-A:9-109, as "household goods" and "consumer goods" not for commercial use or for profit or gain. Further, the courts have found that corporate public servants who ignore their accountability as mandated in Article 8, N.H. Bill of Rights have by their silence and failure to fully inform the sovereign people of the consequences arising from the corporate "offer to contract," is deemed silent deception and inducement by fraud as well as committing the tort of conversion when taking or seizing the certificate of origin in violation of the Fifth Amendment.

New Hampshire Supreme Court case 108 NH 386 confirms that The Uniform Commercial Code is the Supreme authority and that RSA 382-A:9-109 is the Superior authority over all other conflicting Public policy. Further, every state Representative and Senator took an oral OATH as well as a written OATH subscribed to as a contract with their constituent who elected them to protect the people from avarice and greed of the unionized corporate employees as well as support and maintain the constitution and existing RSA’s on December 5th 2017. Should they violate their OATH and vote against the existing Statute, HB507, they are risking an ethic committee investigation as well as the penalty of RSA 92:2.

The federal government by LBJ's removal of the last SILVER LAWFUL MONEY from circulation put a burden on Congress, who has exclusive control of interstate commerce in that a means for what was "payment' for goods and services would now be "discharged" by use of commercial paper, Federal Reserve Notes. Pursuant to the protocol of the Uniform Commercial Code and the "Clearfield Doctrine", where the Supreme Court re-classified the government as a mere corporation when using commercial paper as a medium of exchange. Such ruling places a supreme authority on all UCC mandates and prohibitions, hence RSA 382-A: 9-109 defines and classifies the "automobile" as Non-taxable "Consumer Goods" and/or "Household Goods". Such RSA neutralizes all public policy that is NOT in conformity with the supreme authority, ie: The UCC. Many conflicting RSA's for permitting RICO for REVENUE to prevail will be repealed when HB507 is enacted and we can shrink the size of MVD, eliminating the so-called "Title Bureau". This is a FRAUD, perpetrated by "conversion". Actually it is a criminal Tort.

The Federal Government mandated a Title to all automobiles being manufactured when they enacted the statute requiring the manufacturer to provide a document listing all the features of the product created with an identifying serial number. This document would be the DEED showing ownership of the automobile. The industry refers to this DEED as a Certificate of Origin, as well it should, as that is where the manufacture embosses the serial number on the automobile and the DEED is a companion document that accompanies the automobile to the dealer when sold by the manufacturer. Now the Dealer has both the automobile and the DEED document, known as Certificate of Origin and offers the automobile for sale. A purchaser agrees to buy the automobile but hasn't got full payment and must select some lending institution (at best interest rate) to fund the balance needed for full payment to the Dealer. This is where the DEED (Certificate of Origin) is delivered by the Dealer to the lending institution as collateral for the loan to pay off the dealer. The lending institution has a contract with the auto purchaser for so many months at whatever interest agreed upon and when the final payment is made, the DEED is returned to the owner. There is NO need for duplication of process, which now costs the taxpayers millions of dollars for the pencil packing , paper pushing pocket picking parasites in MVD Title Bureau to duplicate an existing process and hold REAL TITLE to the property that has been taken, (In violation of the 5th amendment) by the criminal Tort of "Conversion". The MVD only offers the unsuspecting, their creation of a document they call a "Certificate of Title", meaning a Title does exist and they, the MVD, hold it. It is not the true DEED to your property, but a mere "paper certificate". And we are paying them millions for the accounting service they are expending. They are selling you a piece of paper and retain the true DEED for the corporate state, that now owns what you thought was your property.

The number HB 507 was assigned to this proposed legislation just 36 hours ago. It is now available for massive distribution throughout the entire 50 sovereign states as the SILENCE of corporate employees exists in every state. The people are "unaware that they are unaware". We NEED publicity of every kind, talk shows, letters to the editor etc. Anyone who has access to major media is requested to contact them with this Bill as we must restore FREEDOM to travel without the unlawful interruptions and cost for duplication of process that now exist. We have the “RIGHT TO TRAVEL” feely and that right existed before governments were created to protect our RIGHT to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

May I now have your support in exposing the FRAUD being perpetrated upon our fellow inhabitants by a greedy corporate self-satisfying MVD? Actually they are practicing "RICO for REVENUE".

Re: HB507 "RIGHT to TRAVEL" (RTT) 2019 "Let's get this done!"

Posted: Sat Feb 09, 2019 2:41 pm
by WatcherNH
Press Conference HB 507

State Representative Dick Marple, Merrimack #24, will be announcing the 2019 HB 507 bill on Tuesday, February 12, 2019 in the lobby of the LOB, Legislative Office Building, 33 N. State St, Concord, New Hampshire at 9:00 A.M.

HB 507 is the Right to Travel bill that will save New Hampshire folks $$$$ by removing the requirements of registering and inspecting personal automobiles and remove the requirement of having a Driver’s license for non-commercial use of the roads.

This is long overdue legislation which will return the unalienable “Right to Travel” back to the people of New Hampshire State. It will also put your money back where it belongs, in your pocket.

This is a callout for everyone in New Hampshire to get behind this Bill and get it passed. Call your State representatives and senators and let them know you want this bill passed.

Re: HB507 "RIGHT to TRAVEL" (RTT) 2019 "Let's get this done!"

Posted: Thu Feb 14, 2019 7:19 pm
by WatcherNH
If you would like to watch the Press Conference video follow this link: