Required Paperwork needed to be an American Jural Assembly member

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Required Paperwork needed to be an American Jural Assembly member

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Required Paperwork needed to be an American Jural Assembly member:

There has been much conversation and debate recently over the necessity to complete the required paperwork (Justice Anna) to become a valid American Jural Assembly member. There is only one answer to this question. YES, YOU HAVE TO COMPLETE THE PAPERWORK, NO QUESTIONS ASKED, UNLESS YOU ARE ALREADY A SOVERIGN AND HAVE NO TIES OR OBLIGATIONS TO THE UNITED STATES OR ANY OF ITS FRANCHISES. Otherwise if you don’t you will remain a US CITIZEN and will have to follow the rules, regulations and statutes of the current fraudulent “government services provider” corporation masquerading as our lawful government. In essence you have to remove yourself from their belief system (citizenship\involuntary servitude) and reclaim your sovereignty and start self-governing as the founding fathers had intended us to do. You cannot be a US citizen and an American state national at the same time. You must pick one or the other. We the people have to reclaim our trade names, property, estates and our standing on the land and soil jurisdiction and get this recorded on the public record. The paperwork will remove you from their system and also provide you protection from their trespass against you.

Where to start with the paperwork:
The starting point is article #928 (basicforms.pdf) on Justice Anna’s website, also attached for your reference. Read this article and familiarize yourself with the forms needed and what they are used for. There are templates available for all the forms with all information you need to supply in red highlight. You replace your information (name, address, state…..) on all red highlight areas, sign and notarize it and then record the document(s) on the public record. It is actually a pretty simple process once you get the first document completed and on the public record. There is an order that needs to be followed when recording the documents. Follow steps 1-8 in order and you will be fine. Every document recorded will need a cover sheet attached to it. Step 1 is a diagram of the fraud to help explain what has been done with your given trade name. Steps 2-7 are the actual documents that you will have to fill out and record on the public record. Step 8 is for new born babies if that applies to you.
The first document you will complete is (3.) Acknowledgment, Acceptance and Deed of Re-Conveyance. This document has to be done first, include a cover sheet, signed and notarized and recorded on the public record. I recommend you complete the whole process on this document before you move to the next one. Also once you’ve been through the process the remaining documents will fall into place and there will be a feeling of relief. It’s really not that hard to do and there are people available to help out and answer any questions you may have. When you have successfully recorded the document they will assign a number to the record\document and attach that information to your cover sheet. The number assigned to the first recording will be used on all the rest of the cover sheets for the remaining documents you record on the public record. On the remaining cover sheets after the name of the document you will add the following at the end “-Extension 1802664” where 1802664 was the number assigned to the first recording. This will have to be done for steps 4-7 and any other documents you record later relating to this process.

This will get you through the basic package of editable forms and well on you way to completing your paperwork. I have attached two other articles from Justice Anna #1174 and #1209. These are more recent articles that list other documents you may want to record. Please read them and familiarize yourself with these additional documents. I would recommend steps 4. & 7. of article #1174 after the basic package is complete.

New Hampshire state coordinator
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Re: Required Paperwork needed to be an American Jural Assembly member

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Here is a recent article from Anna Von Reitz to help convince people to get the paperwork done:

The Paperwork Debate
By Anna Von Reitz

Incredibly, despite the actual experience of literally millions of Americans, there are still millions
more who need to get the message.

These quasi-governments operating on our shores to provide "government services" are not Common
Law entities so trying to do anything in Common Law has no effect. None. Writs bounce off. Rights
are ignored.

You have all been kidnapped and shanghaied into a foreign jurisdiction with the result that none of
these idealistic ideas about "Common Law" and individual rights or Constitutional guarantees apply.
Imagine being kidnapped and finding yourself aboard a Chinese fishing trawler where everyone
speaks nothing but Chinese?

That's where we all start out-- in a completely foreign place operating under foreign commercial law
and being forced to deal with foreign language.

The situation is only made worse because the foreign language is superficially similar to English and
until we learn "Legalese" we are constantly at a disadvantage, because certain words no longer
mean what we think they mean.

Who knew, for example, that the word "person" means "corporation"? So your "personal bank
account" means "corporate bank account"?

Or that a "not guilty" plea means "guilty" by default? You need to enter a plea of "Innocent" if that's
what you mean, but nobody on the opposing team of privateers is going to tell you that.

People who cannot or will not deal with the reality of this situation just get slaughtered by it. They
are defenseless and unable to respond and have no evidence on the public record to back up their
claims to be treated any differently or under any other law but commercial law.

This is all dictated by the registration of your name and the issuance of a Birth Certificate.

Unless you take steps as outlined to reclaim your own name and establish your permanent domicile
on the land and soil of your birth state, you are at the mercy of these fiends and have no recourse.

And no right to participate in the land jurisdiction government, either.

After all, what right does a Chinese fisherman have to serve on an American Jury?

People have got to wake up, face facts, and deal with them. All this airy-fairy 'what I was taught in
grade school' and the 'Bible is my defense' stuff does not work against these animals in suits.

They will be quick to prosecute anyone mis-identified as "one of theirs"--- look at what happened to
Schaefer Cox and the Colorado Nine?

Even after you do the paperwork, you have to learn how to use it and bring it into evidence and
shove it down their throats. These people make their livings off of preying upon defenseless
Americans and they don't go down easily. The only thing they are really afraid of is exposure.

They are afraid of having a lot of people know what they are doing and how they are doing it and
that is about the only thing they are afraid of.

Which means that all Americans need to wise up. All Americans need to record their actual political
status and domicile. All Americans need to push back and getting their own paperwork in order is
Job One to be able to do that.

So enough of the "debate" over whether or not you "have to" correct the public record and declare
your political status as an American. If you have been issued a British Territorial Birth Certificate
there is absolutely no doubt that yes, you do need to record your actual political status on the public

Besides, unless you are a Brit trying to infiltrate and otherwise mess up the American Jural Assembly
process, why would you have any objection to declaring your political status and nationality as an

Why, in God's name, would any American prefer to have the same political status as a Puerto Rican?
Especially now that Puerto Rico is bankrupt and at the mercy of Secondary Creditors of the Queen?

Wake up and listen to what I am telling you all--- and get moving. Get your paperwork on the public
record so that you have evidence of your claim and stop milling like cattle in a feed lot.

You already know for sure what happens to cattle in a feed lot and I should not have to say one more

The paperwork is necessary and the paperwork is only "First Base". Once that is done you have a lot
more work to do to educate yourselves and get in position to blow these British Privateers out of the

It may well be a daunting task, but it is still a task that has to be done. So buck up and do it. Those of
you who have talent for pushing paper, help the others. There is safety in numbers, so the more
people you can get on the public record as Americans, the more on your side of the fence.

And the fewer "British inhabitants" there are. Kill them off the same way they have offered to kill you
---- on paper.


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