Resigning as State Coordinator for New Mexico

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Resigning as State Coordinator for New Mexico

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Posted 24APRIL109

Hello All,

I continue to support the works of the good people of the National Assembly.
I do not agree with some fundamental positions held here. Most importantly, that a man or woman does not need to remove any presumption of any variety of federal or corporate citizenship before becoming a member of a de jure state entity such as a county or state assembly. I believe Anna and her group of researchers are more probably correct on that matter. I see no harm in the paperwork even if it is not needed.

People from the National assembly are accusing Anna of actions, postures, positions, and beliefs that are easily disproven by review of the written record.
I would have liked to have seen constructive criticism and collaborative research instead of a broad frontal attack with no foundation.

The once-excellent web site created by Destry Payne, Communications Secretary for the National Assembly, has been operated in a strident and negative manner by the man that Destry put in control. Manipulating one another into contention is one of the primary attack methods of our foes.

The 1st Santa Fe County Jural Association was never effective. Its membership has never been greater than 7 people who regularly attend. I am the only one who has done the Anna paperwork. I have done everything except the UCC and the DNA claim. The paperwork creating the assembly was never started. The woman who accepted the scribe office quit doing the recording because of her personal work requirements. No one stepped up to do the job.

We formally agreed to make the paperwork a priority and no one did anything. I arranged a tutorial featuring Teri Sahm's Video class on paperwork details at a local library. Three people attended, and two were newcomers.

I encouraged formal meetings with specific goals. Most of the people in the group said I was a Nazi because I insisted that only one person speaks at a time, that they stay brief and on-point and not hog the forum talking about whatever arose in their mind.

Eventually, one member said, “You can have "your" business meetings and we will have our separate “social” meetings. I did not agree with that. I attended some meetings, encouraging a formal meeting. This has not happened for a couple of months. The assembly has ceased to exist by them not holding business meetings and keeping a record and a new meeting date.

The Bernallio group is interfacing with the corporate state. They and the Ann Galloway group are working independently to form a grand jury without doing the following:
1. their members correcting their status, and
2. Creating and filling all of the county offices; Sheriff, judge, clerk, bailiff, coroner, et cetera.

This sets them up for sedition and trespass into the corporate jurisdiction if they go after the foreign actors with a half-baked common law grand jury having no authority.

I encourage everyone to continue doing what they see as the best course of action to reactivate our one-of-a-kind government. I wish to maintain a good relationship with everyone here. The county assembly that I helped create in relation to the National Assembly is not functional. It has become a social club and not had a business meeting for several months. I am now working to gather a new Santa Fe County Assembly affiliated with The American States Assembly.
Anyone who wishes to contact me about any matter may do so at

505-470-4277 or

Godspeed and goodwill for all.

James Osbourne Holmes
a/k/a Red Pill Media
New Mexico Coordinator
The American States Assembly

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