Articles to have. by AnnaVonReitz

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Articles to have. by AnnaVonReitz

Post by tojudah » Thu Sep 13, 2018 11:08 pm

In case anyone needs to know the required forms to Claim you Name, Deed of Re-conveyance, expatriation, etc.


No. 928 - Basic Package of Editable Forms ,

No. 931 - 931. Structure of the Original Government Being Restored Using the Example of The Republic of Texas,

No. 934. The Courts Aren't Court,

No. 940. Answer to Hiring Attorneys,

No. 941. Answer to Status Change for Naturalized U.S. Citizens --- Again.,

No. 946. How to Read, How to Sign Your Name, and WTH is an ILB?,

956. What the "Federal Reserve System" Did to You,

No. 985. The Source of Your Sovereignty,

No. 989. Proof that Our Federal Government Was Usurped By Foreign Corporations,

No. 1012. Clearfield Doctrine,

No. 1013. The Public Law and the Private "Law",

No. 1028. Postal Fraud and Breach of Trust,

No. 839. Sample of a Mandatory FSIA Notice,

No. 844. Protect Yourself,

No. 1022. Oldie But Goodie -- Rod Class Forever!, the 6 mp3's are attached

I will stop here for now ladies and gentlemens.


No. 1018. Holy Moly!!!!!!! This Is the BIG ONE!,

No. 1020. Follow Up on Affidavits,

No. 1027. Again, So Everyone "Gets" It,
No. 1022 AVr #646 - TS-669074.mp3
to be use with No. 1022 from
(8.8 MiB) Downloaded 9 times
No. 1022 AVr #647 - TS-670592.mp3
to be use with No. 1022 from
(5.14 MiB) Downloaded 11 times

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