It's done...

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It's done...

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I think I am the first one in Oklahoma to get the Expatriation done.

Children are not registered as Property or I got mine transferred to my estate when I was widowed. Either way the Land Bureau could not find my kid. I think I need to Expatriate him separately and that will take a bit more research.

I saw a lot of discontent with the Oklahoma County Courthouse. There was lawful dispute set outside and folks were generally unhappy with the system. I'm empathic ("discernment" is the gift name) so I can tell. They are just itching for Babylon to get kicked off our lands. I hope we don't re-create a new version of it in our so doing. This is why I want to firmly, irreversibly establish the Messianic Torah as the Law.

I know that the terrorists love to hassle Sovereigns. I know this puts a giant target on me. I hope I'm ready to handle all of this. I only ever wanted peace. I couldn't have that in the past, but maybe we can forge it as we go.

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