In Power Movement Update

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In Power Movement Update

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Dear Friend,

Recently, we held a meeting to discuss the current status and future of InPower Movement ( Our meeting attendees included financial supporters, the leadership team of InPower, and steadfast volunteers that support them. Attendees were introduced to the Board of Directors and professional team members guiding our new website construction, financial plan, and business plan & model.

A proof-of-concept for an automated, multi-language Notice of Liability (NoL) was reviewed along with an exciting new logo and updated brand design for the movement. Applying our core values of integrity, respect, and love; the engine driving this movement, we are moving full steam ahead, no matter the obstacles. Also, InPower is working on an updated and streamlined version of the website that will be launching soon.

We are changing and evolving into a global movement and laying the foundation to support those in need to the fullest extent possible. And while the InPower Movement Board will continue to focus on the NoL, we want to take this opportunity to announce another aspect of change we are going through.

As you may well know, Josh Del Sol Beaulieu, co-founder of InPower Movement and creator of Take Back Your Power has been instrumental in bringing awareness to the 'smart' meter problem as well as many other issues. While InPower will continue to focus on bringing an automated NoL forth on a global scale, Josh is returning his focus on bringing the type of great content that fueled this movement. Bringing awareness to causes that affect humanity and creating fresh, compelling content is Josh’s passion. Although Josh will continue to remain on the InPower team long-term as an ambassador, he will be releasing content at this time as a part of Take Back Your Power.

We wholeheartedly support Josh in this endeavor and ask that you do, as well. Put simply, with specialized areas of focus and continued partnership, we aim to increase our success factors by being better positioned to support you, as we endeavor to bring awareness and enforce accountability as a world community through the Notice of Liability.

If you are currently a subscriber of Take Back Your Power, you’ll be hearing more about this directly from Josh in the coming days. If you are not currently a subscriber, we encourage you to subscribe at

In closing, we want to thank you for your patience as we reset our bearings and want to remind everyone that we are all in this to make a lasting impact – reclaiming our authority as individuals and changing the world in the process! This is our commitment to you, our community members, and the loved ones that we serve.

In light and love,
the IPM Leadership Team

PS - InPower will be sending an announcement about the newly-designed website in the very near future including a more in-depth update of all that has been going on behind the scenes.

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Re: In Power Movement Update

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A big problem you people have with your paperwork. Most jurisdictions require such filings 30 to 90 days. You would serve your movement well by posting all paperwork available. Then sit back and watch the Do-Do hit the fan as these public utility monopolies go into a panic mode and violate their own regulations to avaid responsibility.

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Re: In Power Movement Update

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tartan wrote:
Wed Aug 15, 2018 4:29 am
...Most jurisdictions require such filings 30 to 90 days....
I believe there's a fundamental misunderstanding here. IF you are "back on the land"; by definition, you are NOT part of their "jurisdiction". To say that "their jurisdiction requires" implies a contract between the two opposing parties. And, this is precisely what you are asking them to verify. The fundamental issue is the following: Whether or not Party A has a lawful contract with Party B to install equipment that is causing harm to Party B?

To clarify a bit more, if Party A and Party B are both in the same jurisdiction, the said "requirement" may hold. However, if Party A is back on the land and Party B is still in their "Government franchise" Territorial/Municipal jurisdiction, the "requirement" is null/void.

That's my two cents as best as I comprehend this "InPower" stuff.

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