James Osbourne Returns; My first post in a couple of years

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James Osbourne Returns; My first post in a couple of years

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Hello All,

07JUL20 08:06 HRs

I have returned to this National Assembly and this forum. My House and family name is spelled Holmes. I do not hold any office in any organization or assembly. I speak for no one but myself.

Does anyone know of any group in or near Santa Fe New Mexico that is meeting, either on the web or in person?
My first offering here now is the following:

Search for anything by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. He is an attorney who was doing environment work. Many times after a presentation he was approached by women who said, "I had a perfect healthy baby. After a vaccination he was never the same, and now my child is functionally damaged and crippled".
He says: No vaXX has ever been proven efficacious and none have been proven safe. He is heavily censored.
Doctors Andrew Kaufman and Zach Bush have completely overturned the current paradigm for virons. They are not an infectious agent. Koch's Postulates have never been demonstrated with them. Those are essentially, the disease agent must be filterable and when given to a man or woman produce the symptoms of the condition. Virus are genome correction agents called exsomes and are bits of genetic material---either RNA or DNA that are released from stressed cells to distribute genetic material to correct the code error that allowed the cell to be threatened.
The masks are worse than useless; they are harmful. They cause anoxia and high blood pressure and excess C02 in the blood. You can tell the sheep from the Americans by the mask. Here are a couple of techniques I use when they get really pushy. I wear a bandanna around my neck pull it up when accosted and drop it when the enforcer goes away. If using a mask, place it below your nose. If they make you cover your nose bend the metal strip at the top so that it leaves a 1 inch U-shaped space in front of your nose.

This is an interview of Dr. Zach Bush with Sasha Stone. He asks 5 questions.

I cannot quickly find a Dr. Andrew Kaufman presentation. He is heavily censored. Search and see if you can find him.
This is a fellow who has been working for The Defense Intelligence Agency since being 17 Years.
Meet Austin Steinbart. See Black Ops 101 and for a great short film, "Bat Signal". Note the Maltese Cross pendant.
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3SB8F ... cHg/videos

Thank you for your attention.
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