Washington State Birth Certificates

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Washington State Birth Certificates

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I am looking for information in regards to my Washington State birth certificate. I am looking into authenticating my birth certificate, which requires the long form that has signatures of parents, doctor, and registrar, it can be all or just one of these. It also requires the registration birth number and local file number. In Washington they do not have the long form and the Certificate of Live Birth and Birth Certificate are one in the same. I currently am in possession of my Certificate of Live Birth and there is a Certificate Number at the top and another number on the backside. I am wondering if anyone else has authenticated their birth certificate and ran into the same issue and what they discovered. If someone could advise on their experience that would be really awesome!! Thank you so very much!
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Re: Washington State Birth Certificates

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Not really worth the time or energy. Also creates contracts with the corp when intercourse takes place. Best bet is simply assemble your state and counties then tell the corporation their services are no longer required. This way is so much better. I have done what you are trying to do. It does nothing good. Not worth the time.
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