The attempts to stop Americans from reassembling original jurisdiction.

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The attempts to stop Americans from reassembling original jurisdiction.

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The attempts to stop Americans from reassembling original jurisdiction.
1928 FTM 2000-25 issued on how to return to a Republic from a Democracy.

Attempt 1
1932 FTM 2000-25 ordered destroyed with no reason.

MacArthur trained special forces information from FTM 2000-25. Creates Restore America Plan. Project Bluebook (not alien version).

Attempt 2
JFK killed to stop reassembly.

Attempt 3
Ronald Reagan assassination attempt to stop Reagan from continuing Kennedy’s work.

Farms Claims resulted in N.E.S.A.R.A.

Attempt 4
9-11-2001 attack happened the day N.E.S.A.R.A. was to go in effect.

2008 Obama installed as President. Navy Intelligence knew a coup was required. Either direct or through the people. Those trained under MacArthur started the Michigan General Jural Assembly 2009. Successful reassembly of Michigan with resettlement of the land and offices elected interim. Notices published all rungs of the ladder with zero rebuttals. Obama tested Michigan September 10th 2013 asking for permission to invade Syria. Rebuttal issued within 48 hours. Military rounded up all 50 governors in 2015 and ordered governors to not interfere with the assemblies. Trump agreed to run for President. Navy Intelligence unrigged voting machines for 2016. Russia was blamed. Reference Robert David Steele for validation.

Attempt 5
Anna Von Reitz (agent of the Vatican) gets involved and disrupts the assembly of states following the Michigan Model.

Attempt 6
Covid Plandemic is used to stop reassembly with lock-downs.

Attempt 7
David Straight status correction removing people from original jurisdiction to a foreign status so those people cannot get involved with reassembly as only the lawfull people can.
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