National Assembly Meeting Motions De Jure Motion List History in Chronological Order

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National Assembly Meeting Motions De Jure Motion List History in Chronological Order

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National Assembly Meeting Motions
De Jure Motion List
History in Chronological Order

Motion 2018.03.22.01:001:NAM
00:32:45 and 00:39:52

Motion by Destry (Michigan) Second by ? ?
Destry (Michigan) – This is Destry from Michigan, I move to adjourn the Business Meeting until March 29, 2018 at 9:00pm Eastern. [There was discussion,] any nays, one nay, all those in favor say aye, the ayes have it, the meeting is closed, we can have conversation.

Motion 2018.03.29.02:001:NAM
Motion by Jeff (Oregon) Second by Mary (Pennsylvania) & Louis (Arizona)

Jeff in Oregon moves to appoint Destry as scribe and Robert as Moderator for the National Assembly. Second (00:18:37-00:19:04) is by Mary in Pennsylvania and Louis in Arizona. Roll call vote (00:25:00). Yeas are 30. Nays are 0. Abstains are 1, Ohio. 31 votes & 31 states present.

Motion 2018.03.29.02:002:NAM
Motion by Jeff (Oregon) Second by Gus (Arizona)

Jeff (Oregon) moves to appoint Destry to Communications Secretary (Comsec) and IT (Information Technology) secretary for National Assembly for a period of 2 years. Second by Gus (Arizona). Motion is tabled until Thursday, April 5, 2018.
00:14:25 & 00:30:00 April 5, 2018 Roll call vote options yea-nay-abstain. Vote result 24 yeas, 2 abstain, 0 nays. The motion has been approved.

Motion 2018.03.29.02:003:NAM
Motion by Randy (Washington) Second by Mary (Pennsylvania) & Louis (Arizona)

Randy (Seattle moves to adjourn until Thursday, April 5, 2018. Second by Mary (Pennsylvania). Any objections [Nays are 0]. “Aye” in unison. The ayes have I, good night all, God Bless everybody, be strong all, thank you all.

Motion 2018.04.05.03:001:NAM
Motion by Ron (Oklahoma) Second by Arizona

Ron (Oklahoma) puts motion to put on the floor that we create a rule book of procedures on how to conduct these meetings, a format to get business done. He will hold it for discussion after roll call vote. Arizona seconds (00:38:29) the Oklahoma rule book motion.

00:28:20 April 19, 2018. Discussion. Ron (Oklahoma) will be committee leader, Linda (Michigan) and Matt (Ohio) will assist. This will be on forum & ask for input from all the states, [00:31:00 more discussion, please see archived calls for details]

Motion 2018.04.05.03:002:NAM
Motion by Kerry (Utah) Second by New Mexico

Kerry (Utah) moves that 20 26 separate states (as amended) be considered a quorum for the purpose of rule making by a simple majority. Second is by New Mexico. Vote on it next week.
00:51:00, April 12, 2018 Roll call vote is 00:53:15. Nays are 0. Abstains are 0. Yeas are 27. Vote is unanimous [motion passes].

Motion 2018.04.05.03:003:NAM
Motion by Kerry (Utah) Second by Michigan

Kerry (Utah) moves to adjourn [until next Thursday April 12, 2018 at 9:00pm] . Second is by Michigan. Abstains 0. Nays 0. Yeas all. Grateful for people on, appreciate all comments, input, good night. Adjourn business meeting until 12th 9pm eastern, end recording & continue.

Motion 2018.04.12.04:001:NAM
Motion by Destry (Michigan) Second by Terry (Washington)

Destry (Michigan) moves forward to appoint Roger Dowdell from the Florida Assembly to be ProTem Moderator for 2 years effective immediately ending July 3, 2020. Terry (Washington) seconds. Post in the forum – post state & yeas or nays or abstain (it will be a ‘Y’ or ‘N’ or ‘A’), will read the states and do the vocal for digital record at that meeting, discussion against.
00:17:20 April 19, 2018 Roll call vote. Nays are 0. Abstains are 2. Yeas are 29. Robert states, that carries, Mr. Dowdell is now the Moderator ProTem & he and I will be communicating.

Motion 2018.04.12.04:002:NAM
Motion by Destry (Michigan) Second by Oklahoma

Destry (Michigan) moves to adjourn; until 9:00pm the 19th of April 2018 for the next meeting. Second is by Oklahoma. Abstains are 0. Nays are 0. Yeas are 27. The ayes have it. That’s a unanimous vote to adjourn until 9:00pm on the 19th of April 2018. Enjoy and we’ll see you on the 19th. Thank you so much, thank you.

Motion 2018.04.19.05:001:NAM
Motion by George (Colorado) Second by Arizona

George (Colorado) I’d like to set a motion for the appointment of a liaison or diplomat to the military and to any outside interests, be it the corporate us, president or anybody else…necessary position at this time and if I may and nobody else wants it I’ll do it. Robert – communications secretary receives all external communications, reviews, and brings most important stuff to the floor as soon as they can, we are getting attention, being talked about, recognized as a credible group, positioning ourselves with authority granted by Bill of Rights, exercise it, second to Colorado motion, Arizona seconds motion, this will be put on web, Colorado put up a paragraph or sentence or 2 about rational, people not yet involved can see and seek others, want very strong voice, we want record on paper; Colorado – our voice becoming credible as far as format & have an outside need for voice to be heard, very important they have an avenue to our forum, the revival of Declaration of Independence, assist outside venues. [See archived call for details]

Motion 2018.04.19.05:002:NAM
01:01:40 Motion to Adjourn

Utah moves to adjourn. Second is by Colorado. Destry (Michigan) date – 26th of April 2018 at 9:00pm eastern. We are going to have general chat after the recording stops. Abstains are 0. Nays are 0. Yeas are 27. Motion passes. Grateful you are on call, thankful, call it a night, stay safe and out of harm’s way. You as well, Good night Robert,.
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