AGJA Formalizing Update 11.22.22 Shared on Natl

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AGJA Formalizing Update 11.22.22 Shared on Natl

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The current Arizona General Jural Assembly was founded May 12th, 2021 and has met weekly ever since. Our website was built by our IT leader the middle of May 2021: Moderator Shelley; Recording Secretary Brian. Recently many people officially joined our assembly from a large spiritual group and then today they all unexpectedly and surprisingly left (we assume at the behest of or being supported by their spiritual leader) to start their own AZ assembly. HOW this took place is an extreme conundrum, however the phrase "Quality should not be sacrificed for alacrity" comes to mind. We were asked to "Step back" by a National Assembly Leader two weeks ago after having a successful meeting with all of this spiritual leader's people and our people, and by this wonderful addition were imminently close to formalizing. When someone in the National leadership asked us to "Step back if we wanted AZ to succeed" two weeks ago, we were dumbfounded and did not understand. We met as planned, and the other (spiritual) group met on their own. We found out that they were told by the same National Assembly leader that we had all up and left the Assembly, which we most certainly had not done, and so they met without us. When they realized they were lied to as well, and that we had not left, they wanted to meet with us again which was great news. However, today, unexpectedly, they chose to separate and form the AZ assembly on their own. Whatever dark forces are at work to undermine Arizona, and drive a stake of division into all of our hearts and especially the hearts of those 11 of us who have stuck it out since May 12th, 2021 will be attended to by Divine God the Father himself. We certainly have done nothing wrong and have done no harm and certainly there was no reason for us to be asked to step back, nor, for the other 20 people from the spiritual group to decide to not join forces with us and instead to go their own way, other than the reason of sabotage by darkness. This shocking division appears highly suspicious to me. The amount of pain in my heart is beyond measure, and brings into question the integrity of the spiritual group, as well as the integrity of the unnamed National Leader who two weeks ago asked us to step back and told them we had done so (both lies). I challenge anyone to try to prove there is anything at all we have done to merit this level of injustice, disrespect, and disregard. I am now on high alert as to the integrity of this certain National Assembly leader, as well as this spiritual group claiming to now be formalizing Arizona on their own. The allegiance of these so-named/unnamed people to the true mission to return our government to the Republic of our founding forefathers is in extreme question, as, what good will it do for us to reclaim our country standing on lies, disrespect for one's fellow man, and a lack of integrity? To reclaim our country with these perilous forces of deceit at play would be a repetition of the betrayal and corruption we are all desperately attempting to rectify. So I ask you, what is the root of this injustice and attempt to undermine and destroy the current Arizona Assembly formalizing? And I ask you again: Is it worth sacrificing quality for alacrity? And is it worth stepping on trusted friends and loyal hard-working comrades in this joint National effort to formalize our state assemblies?
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Re: AGJA Formalizing Update 11.22.22 Shared on Natl

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Gwendolyn, I could not have said it any better. You have brought forth the words I have been searching for the past couple of weeks to try and understand what is at work here. I've rearranged my whole life around being able to be part of helping save our state and our nation as a whole and I've sacrificed big time. I'm not in this for money or fame. I'm in this for my family and friends and the whole of humanity. I have nothing, but my time and energy to give. To join these national calls and our meetings and educational calls. I've done them all and I've done them for quite some time.

I am humble and grateful for everyone that I have met and have had an opportunity to speak with or meet in person throughout this endeavor and journey. Our 11 have built a strong bond, which cannot be broken. I cannot for the life of me, come up with any reasons why, other than dark nefarious forces, why this sudden division and uncertainty has arisen. It baffles me. I do however, have faith that it will work itself out and we can continue, which we shall. We have done nothing wrong and I challenge anyone, with concrete proof to prove otherwise. After all, we've been instructed to follow the "Michigan model," which we have, to the best of our ability, unless of course it's all been a ruse.

I'm dumbfounded, confused and a little let down, but we will prevail. God willing.

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Re: AGJA Formalizing Update 11.22.22 Shared on Natl

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I have no idea what Arizona has put in place for a vetting process but when many good God fearing people come as a group to get involved and get totally freaked out over requirements, this is not good. I just spent a day with a group of over 40 of the same kind of people in Oregon and the experience was awesome. The people who have been involved with Leana and her ministries are some of the most righteous people I have ever met. Arizona needs to assemble with the best God fearing righteous people, not scare them away. For an example, nobody would apply a vetting process designed for ex convicts to a church congregation.

I asked for the vetting process to be removed. Few days later I get a call from a pastor freaking out about some things said by someone in Arizona while I am at work. So yes, with a continuing problem, I asked someone to walk away. I do not have the time to deal with good people freaking out. Too many infiltrators in the assemblies right now. Some are sleepers. I have always been patient and given the Bennefit of doubt, but no more. Due to reprobates poping up in several states causing havoc, have no choice but to get tougher on problems Better to lose one or two questionable people than to have 20+ freaked out people run away.

An assembly does not actually exist until the lawfull process has been done with 30+ people. The smart thing would have been to just welcome the new people, go through the process to become a lawfull assembly then work as a body to develop various assembly related workings.

As a side note, he said - she said games with new assemblies in other states is nothing but destructive.

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