Wisconsin Republic de Jure

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Wisconsin Republic de Jure

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We are working on a website for Wisconsindejure.org ... temporary email to use until we get basic infrastructure established: AnniesCampground@protonmail.com I'm from Shawano County and been fighting commies, gestapos, and white-collar crime for almost 3 years...

Ideas for meeting topics? Grievances? Goals for our assembly?

I like the idea of a roll call by county at the start of each call... when Wisconsin state came into the union, we had 28 counties. Now we have 72!

Let your like-minded folks know... the sooner we can "settle" our state, the sooner we can move us forward and into the New Earth...
Some ideas from my area:
I think we have discussed many grievances already.. the biggest, to me is ending human trafficking via these pedo/sex/drug/child trafficking rings, connected to about 96 of our state and national [s]elected officials.

Dissolve the STATE OF WISCONSIN CORPORATION, and preferably each county dissolve their "parent" corporation... Shawano's is the clerk, COUNTY OF SHAWANO office. This would dissolve all the subordinate corporations

Transition/renovate current vacant buildings into drug and alcohol rehabiliative services complete with many alternative therapies, nutritional classes, skills training, frequency therapies, sauna therapy, spiritual renewal....

End CIA/FBI/DHS/DEA bringing the drugs into our communities. Where there are drugs trafficked, there are humans trafficked.

Push all state and federal officers and offices out of each county (as that county "settles" and fills their own Constitional seats.

Independent forensic audits of each corporation acting as a defacto government or judicial entity. Return the money to the people, repatriate, this will take time. Help those in need the most, first. Community involvement.

Vett all victimless "criminals" currently incarcerated and free them. Those who need medical care, will receive real medical care by natural medicine/alternative medicine folks, includes frequency and nutritional support. Start with juveniles, traffic-related, no victims no damages, etc.

Abolish all laws that are repugnant to the Constitution. Vett all police and Sheriff's departments, re-train if possible to become peace officers. Get the good ones out walking and talking to people, decrease forces by a minimum of 50%. Most of their day should be outside of a car, talking to the people in each community. If there are violent folks out there, this is the way to figure that out and eliminate the crimes against humanity.

Fill key leadership seats with those we know won the elections, this is temporary until we can assemble and determine the next election.

As more survivors of sex/drug/child/human trafficking come forward with their stories, we have healers and folks ready to assist at Wisconsin Connecting Consciousness... much help is out there and we are fully awake to these crimes against humanity. The med beds and other frequency healing modalities are coming soon...

This is such an exciting time to be alive!
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Re: Wisconsin Republic de Jure

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Thanks for the update!
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