Kirk and Kirks Law Corner LLC telegram channels.

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Kirk and Kirks Law Corner LLC telegram channels.

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Boojoo Kirk and fellow members.....

This notice is to Kirk, and to get information on how I can communicate with Kirk and follow up to his comment to set the record straight...Nothing worse then Prejudice...

As you all heard on the after call tonite just before closing...I mentioned that I was banned from posting to Kirks Law Corner group and subgroups and how do I communicate with him? No answer except when you come in my room and post nonsense I do those things. I apologize for my outburst but I do not like to be insulted.

Well Kirk....I was commenting on the fact you finally recognized the Roman Gaius Law with your posts in Kirks Law Corner LLC on Telegram. I have done much research into the TRUSTS..and know more then the avg joe...I was commenting on how all the Birth Certificate stuff is based on Roman Gaius Law...and that you were on the right track..I then went on to start to explain the Cestui Que Vie Trust and how it was under the Roman Gaius Codes.....which your Baptismal is evidence of.. Your BC is the US Corp Trust under the Liebor Code as use of the USUFRUCT Trust, and this is all done under ROMAN GAIUS Codes. That is all I was pointing out when I was so rudely censored and now cannot post on your channels now.

First off... Why would you NOT want to have a conversation about this?.. you may learn something new.

Second....I agree with what your saying...but your not looking at all the facts....Your using a broken system to fight a broken system..Thus why you joined the Assembly, is this not correct? I commend you for digging down and finally finding our Authorities...Most people do not do the research...

Third....Not one person has all the answers...Thus why I have joined many legal groups in search of answers, (Including yours...I step back put the pieces on the table and then look at how things work...I am a Virgo,lol). I only try and share my research with others I do not charge for it...

Fourth... What are you hiding? Are you a PAYTRIOT? Why would you mute/censor someone trying to help with your research? Why would you censor another point of view other then your own? Why not hear them out or just tell them you will look into it, then actually do it! You might be surprised.

Fifth...You were on the Right track with the Roman Gaius...That is what the Constitution was established under not Common law. The Constitution was a contract with the KING to pay back the debt and to keep the British forces at bay...Read the Washington letters....Where do you think the Roberts Rules or The other books you posted on your page came from....ROMAN GAIUS LAW!!! When you dig deeper you will find the same information I did, as it is at the heart of all the corruption. Besides the People had to create a Entity/Fiction to do business with the King, thus the United States for America corp was formed and we elected representatives. I also recommend you go back and look at the procedure to pass a law WAS and compare to what it is today. That is more evidence of the Takeover and the Bankruptcy besides what was read out loud during the conference call by the readers the last couple of weeks.

No offense but your attitude and behavior show me all I need to know...I would recommend you check your attitude at the your mind a lil and maybe you may learn some more...I have.. Do you realize that the Ten Commandments are based on Hammurabi's Laws? Which was Mesopotamian/Babylonian Law. Roman Gaius law was based on this...So when you mention the Laws of Nature...Your incorrect/misinformed. The Laws of Nature have to do with Alchemy, which if you do more research you will find most major religions are using a form of...Christianity is using Christian Alchemy and uses the Bible and Cross as accessories or tools to accomplish the Spell, research the ESSENES. To much to go into but I do study the different religions also as well as history and law. Wise as Serpent,Gentle as Dove. As you state you have to go back to the Foundations. I also recommend you learn Trust law as it will become more apparent what is happening to all of us. You do not have to believe me, but at least give me the benefit of the doubt, as I do with your information, and not Censure someone trying to contribute. There is a reason its called Cestui Que Vie Act of 1666. What is a Cestui Que Vie? Mortmain..Dead entitys/fictions. Anyone who claims to have as much knowledge as you do should comprehend this fact also am I wrong?

Again, I ask the question how do I get in contact with you, so we can have a polite conversation still stands. I did not or do not want to take away from you or someone else's information/channel/website, just share more information that you or others may not be aware of and to help put more pieces together..nothing more nothing less.

Since you joined the Assembly and came on the Calls you have built a following... am I jealous? NOPE could care less...what I care about is that proper information is being disseminated to the members...I have personally found many documents and evidence to prove what I say...Do you? When I say something its based on facts I or someone else has found and verified, not HERESAY...not imagination. Do you like when your told your Information is Crap and Unrelated, Irrelevant?, Some of your information is in based on "MY" research, but I still respect you and what your doing.

Kirk when you realize I was not insulting you but only trying to communicate and share information with you and your members...maybe then you wont be so quick to judge others and their information...My offer still stands...Ask destry for my Email..I have tried to post or send you a message and I am not allowed..Funny though I can still view it all..If your gonna kick someone out of a group why not do that? Is this about your Ego and Control? I only joined your Telegram to keep an eye on what your doing as I said I compare others knowledge. From what I have seen your on the right track wrong process.

Yes there is a method to the madness folks. If you actually knew this was mostly in your favor but you were never taught/told this, and how there are tools you can use to your benefit. Thus the Dumbing down of America via the Rockefeller Education System. I am still learning more daily as all you should. Just be careful of the "Gurus". AVR, David Straight and others have some good foundational knowledge but their process is wrong, as was pointed out by Destry, Paul, Darrin, Myself and others.

I hope you will at least take the time to look at my Document when I finish it and post it, it will explain more, its starting to become a book. I have not even included all the history I have researched yet. This Document pertains to just the Magna Charta and the Cestui Que Vie Trusts and how it effects us today, oh and No I did not cite sources. I am not writing a Professional letter or Reference book. I have included the information though from source documents in history, and what others have wrote. Its up to you to verify the information thru research as I have using multiple sources.

I have been super busy and have not had time to finish it yet.. I hope to soon establish a Faith based Private Membership Association to teach all of this including Commercial Remedies(18USC15§1) many pans in fire right now. No its not about profit...its about when "The People come out of her" we will be able to have a proper govt where the people control the Trustees once again.. you know that Common Law Constitutional Republic. After all that is basically what the National Assembly is. Hopefully this then will allow people to focus on the Assembly process and not all the hogwash.

Be in peace God speed.
All rights reserved 1-308
By: Clint-Ray:Kessler, Beneficiary of the American Roman Gaius Cestui Que Vie Trust <---this is a qualified Autograph, (look into qualified signatures. As the PERSON can only be in Commerce, he can wear many hats). I would also place my red thumbprint on the document and sign over it as this is your SEAL. Each Office of the PERSON should have their own SEALS. Thus why the Assembly's Create SEALS. Dig you will find the Truth.
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