Draft Simple Rules for Effective Assemblies

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Draft Simple Rules for Effective Assemblies

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Draft Simple Rules for Effective Assemblies

26 Feb 2023

Primary Goal for FGJA =>

Create the most free, productive, joyful state in the united States of America

Constantly Educate the people on how to self govern and 7 Step Problem Solving

The only legitimate role for government in a free society is to protect the rights of We the People

Common language => create a dictionary to reduce communication breakdowns

Simple Rules

1. Unite by putting aside our petty differences : E Pluribus Unam => out of many one voice: unselfish team spirit :
2. Seek what is true from facts, logic, reasoning to deduce root causes : Find Pareto of Root causes to select best corrective action to solve a problem
3. Respect to get it
4. Seek to understand before being understood
5. Love and compassion win
6. Expect the unexpected
7. Problem Analysis required if more than 3 variables changing simultaneously , a “ do nothing “ strategy beats the best brains : due to brains inability to comprehend unintended consequences with more than 3 variables
8. Embrace change passionately
9. Optimize the whole system by optimizing the interactions between the subsystems
10. Strive to determine causality not just correlation.
11. Let the best idea win
12. Decentralize for freedom
13. Who dares wins !
14. Do the right thing
15. Assumed consent
16. No disruptive behavior
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