3 Stages of Recruitment

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3 Stages of Recruitment

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Download each Handouts(HO) and have them at the ready.
-Each of the blue links are live and will take you to the content.

Recommendations to deploy material:
Once you have the attention of your prospective member, ask their permission for email and/or phone number to send them material to review (HO_Stage1), its important to ask permission again to set a time to meet back up and discuss the information in person(preferred) or phone call(practical), keep your word and follow up, its also important to review the material yourself, so you have it fresh in your mind. It will make it easier to answer questions that may arise. When meeting with prospective members keep the conversation on topic of the material they have reviewed.
When they have completed each stage provide the next HO and set another time/date to meet up and discuss the material.

Suggestion for prioritizing prospective members:
Divide into 3 priority categories, your list of prospects and their advancement pertaining to this education process.
Priority 1 = They are doing their homework and are ready to move on to next stage.
Priority 2 = They are not quite there, needs more time.
Priority 3 = They are not ready; they do not have time.

And Remember...
"NEVER worry about WHO you offend speaking the truth, worry about who will be misled, deceived or destroyed if you don't!"

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