State National shot and killed - Utahn with ASN Plates Killed while Traveling

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State National shot and killed - Utahn with ASN Plates Killed while Traveling

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Warnings fall on def ears then these things appear in the news. :(

Please share where you can ... thx.
Several links ...
ASN = American State National ...
Chase Linde Allan murder ... 2023-03-01 ... Farmington, Utah ... Farmington Police Department ...


Another Tribune story ... Chase Allan ... ...

Chase Allan ... From Tribune story ...

Local court records show no recent criminal history for Allan. But according to a probable cause statement, on Sept. 21, 2022, Allan “voluntarily showed up” at a Davis County justice court hearing for a woman who had been charged with a traffic violation. During the hearing, Allan became “disruptive and non-compliant” and “began to resist officers,” the document states. He “refused to comply” when told to leave the courtroom.

A Davis County Sheriff’s Office deputy wrote that “reasonable force” was used to arrest Allan, and that he was taken to the Davis County jail.

The probable cause statement goes on to say that while he was being booked, officers found Allan had “a small plastic slide credit card device that contained several lock-picking items.” According to police, Alan matched the description of an “individual with warrants,” but he refused several requests to identify himself.

“When asked to stop interrupting, [Allan] responded that deputies had no authority over him, using an expletive,” the document states.

Allan was released on his own recognizance, agreeing to appear at future court proceedings and to not commit any crimes. There is no record of charges being filed against Allan. ...
Chase Allan Murder Update ... KSL ... ...
GodSpeed Justice for this poor family.
Share where you can.
Thank you.

Look at the license plate as this is why we was pulled over.
Screenshot from 2023-03-04 21-30-33.png
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