Player becoming the cover athlete in Madden

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Player becoming the cover athlete in Madden

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Many fans fear their favorite player becoming the cover athlete in Madden, as the Madden curse has long had the reputation for ruining seasons, and even careers of the likes of Antonion Brown, Eddie George, Donavan McNabb, and Rob Gronkowski. But even as it looked to derail Patrick Mahomes's season last year after a nasty looking injury, Mahomes overcame the curse and won the Superbowl, so Jackson and his fans can hope for the same.

Time will tell if Lamar Jackson will rank among the top cover athletes in Madden history, but he certainly has the opportunity to do so. He has all the talent in the world, a great coaching staff, and a supporting roster. Players will love to have a scrambling quarterback in Madden with a devilish arm and accuracy downfield. It's very likely that the Ravens are a team that many players select in head-to-heads, and or that Lamar Jackson is a go-to choice for a quarterback selected in the super popular MUT.

Madden has reigned supreme in the football sim world for years, and it doesn’t look like the EA product’s dominance over the genre is going away anytime soon – despite some promising competition on the way. Fans have a very love-hate relationship with the franchise, as there are those who stick by it and others who have sworn it off for good. It isn’t hard to see why the latter group would feel the way they do.

Ever since they go an exclusive hold on the NFL licence, EA has seemingly been dragging their feet and doing the bare minimum with the Madden franchise. Features come and go, bugs plague the games at launch, with some never getting resolved, and the games resemble yearly paid roster updates more than actual yearly installments.

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