generate interest in local grand jurys

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generate interest in local grand jurys

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tear this apart and help make it tighter in order to get people to comprehend the gravity of forming local grand jury's/assembly's…

"by choosing not to be part of your local grand jury, you put yourself at the mercy of those who are elected by not being able to hold them accountable when necessary"

my thought is how to efficiently engage people at election time and at all other times as well...

many ma halos and God bless

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Joe Gadsden
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Re: generate interest in local grand jurys

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I joined the jural assembly for my state and my county this year (2023) after I heard about it in early February. We are struggling with getting people to join as well. I've personally got 5 new people to join, but failed with so many others. Even those who believe in it 100% just won't do it. They create excuses. We have created an Event Planning Committee, however, as a newly settled state with only 2 settled counties (who have not yet posted public notice... long story, but issues have popped up), we still need to get our web site up, marketing materials, training, etc. All of these things I believe are needed before we can recruit properly. What sorts of things have you tried? If we can share ideas that'd be great.
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Re: generate interest in local grand jurys

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You can recruit without bells& whistles, but word of mouth, eye to eye conversation works well, & also panels on all the self styled patriot panels on YouTube,Rumble,etc.
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