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Idaho Coordinator

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Dear fellow American Patriots,

I am Kirk Pendergrass, the Coordinator for the Territory of Idaho. There is a coordinated effort to reassemble Government de jure. The Lawful form of government, where We the People have all the POWER. Trump said at his Inauguration speech that he was putting the POWER back into the People's hands. What POWER is that?

There comes a time when the People have a not only the Right, but a Duty to throw off despotism and institute new guards for our safety and security. (Law of Nations and the Declaration of Independence). We the People have ALL the Political Power. That Right consists in the Lawful authority to alter, reform or abolish ANY THING, at ANY TIME We the People deem it necessary.

Please read the 10 steps provided below. Although we already have several people that are already dedicated to reassembling the People of Idaho, we are taking the first step starting now.

To give you some information to go learn about our de jure form of government.
Go here and watch these videos from Red Beckman then get back to me and I will lead you to some more information.

I will be hosting a Live private call within a couple weeks through Free Conference Call. Please download and install this app on your Desktop/Laptop or cell phone/other devices in order to be able to attend this very important meeting and all other meetings. For those in the local area of Boise, Idaho we can meet at my office which can accommodate about 30 people for those who would like to attend. I will send this meeting information to those who respond to me at with the SUBJECT LINE as "Idaho de jure".

Thank you for your time in reading this and I hope to hear from my fellow Idahoans that want to pledge their Lives, Fortunes and Sacred Honour to be Self-Governed to defend our Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness.

Kirk Pendergrass
Idaho Coordinator

The only thing for evil men to prevail, is for good men to do nothing.
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