Modern Day Black Robe Patriots

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Modern Day Black Robe Patriots

Unread post by Destry »

Date: December 12, 2021

Letter to those who are seriously intent on comprehending our present world and seeking the path to understanding of who they are and who they are to serve. Seek the truth and the Truth shall set you free.

Back to the basics:      Where and how did the actual original Revolution begin in North America?
                                    How do we reflect on the efforts of the original pioneers of our society who built our foundation we stand on today?

What are the Fundamental Principles of Order to serve:      Time, Force, Space & Motion.

                                    1.    God (Time) In the beginning God created all things and mankind in the likeness of His image and was the only witness to this event.
                                    2.    Family (Force) God created a family to construct a society in which to serve God and His Son Christ Jesus.

                                    3.    Country (Space) A place where the family of God can reside in righteousness collectively known as a Nation to serve God and His Son Christ Jesus.

                                    4.   Documents (Motion) What the families of God constructed as the foundation of ordinances in which serve one and another while serving God and Christ Jesus first.

This is the essence of our founding of the National Assembly as brought forth by Robert Charles of Michigan in 2018

An order of education of events in which to create a collectively teaching program for all Nation States to teach its citizen families:
                                    A.    Who they     Are
                                    B.    What they    Are
                                    C.    Who they     Serve.
D. Documents we Protect

As the Senior Author of the National Assembly Operations Manual Rule Book for the coming together as an Assembly of States in common agreement, I offer this partial recent service of a well-recognized teacher pastor and founder of the Masters University & Seminary in California as to where and why we find ourselves today in the midst of a Nation in Distress because of sinful ideology. 

Post WWII Western Cultures have immersed themselves into pagan idolatry while operating in their Pride first and Foremost in themselves.
                                   This message transcript in part was given recently in August of 2021.
I have to tell you as your pastor that I have you on my heart all the time. I normally do, but it seems in the current situation we’re in that the burdens that you are all carrying are very, very different, very unique. Life has changed dramatically, dramatically for all of us, and I just want you to know that I’m praying for the Lord to give us all wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him, so that we can keep our focus on Him in a time like this. I go back to a way to understand this by looking at Romans chapter 1, and I’m just going to comment on it—you’ve heard me comment on it before. But Romans chapter 1, starting in verse 18, says that “the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men who hold the truth in unrighteousness.”

If there would ever be a nation of people who held the truth it would be certainly our nation, as well as most of the Western world. We have had the Bible. We’ve had the revelation of God. We all are very much aware that that has been rejected in our nation wholesale; and as a result of that, the wrath of God has been revealed. It is revealed against any society, any culture, any people, who hold the truth in unrighteousness, who turn from God; and that’s exactly what our society has done. And Romans chapter 1 defines the wrath of God. It says this is what it is. God, when He judges a society for rejecting Him, turns them over to a sexual revolution. It’s explicit. We have had that, 30 years ago I suppose, the sexual revolution; that was the first sign of divine judgment. He lets men go into sexual unrighteousness, pornography—really the death of any sense of biblical morality.

But there’s a second step in Romans 1, and that is there will be a sexual revolution, and then there will be a homosexual revolution. Paul explicitly mentions that: men with men, women with women—and this produces many effects. One he talks about, I think he’s referring even to venereal disease, which could be seen as AIDS. So when God judges a nation that has rejected His truth there will be a sexual revolution, followed by a homosexual revolution—which we’ve been watching for the last couple of decades.

But the third point is, he says, God gives them over. God gives them over to sexual perversion. God gives them over to homosexuality. Then God gives them over to a reprobate mind. Reprobate mind is a nonfunctioning mind; and what that means is the final step in divine judgment is a kind of insanity, where nothing makes sense. And out of that, Paul in Romans chapter 1 lists a long list of every imaginable kind of wickedness and sin, that will literally flood and drown a society. In the middle of that list, of course, is deceit and the hatred of God.

So there’s a reason why this country is in the insanity that it is in, and it is the judgment of God. God has allowed this nation that has rejected Him to go down the path of Romans 1, through a sexual revolution, a homosexual revolution, to the point where there is an insanity that really makes no sense to any thinking person. It’s a reprobate mind, it’s a mind that does not function. And out of that mind that doesn’t function comes every imaginable kind of evil.

It was John Calvin who made the interesting statement that when God judges a people He gives them wicked rulers. When God judges a people He gives them wicked rulers. So this judgment of God, that has sent us down this careening path of transgression, iniquity, and sin, is also aided and abetted by wicked rulers because they tend to be the architects of all of this—if not overtly, certainly covertly.

So I just want to say that you have to look at this in the light of divine judgment. What is happening in our country—the chaos, the insanity, the nonsense, the things that you can’t figure out, the confusion, the disorder, the disruption—is all part of divine judgment. And if you understand it that way you’re going to realize that you can’t fix it, you can’t fix it. The next election will not fix it. No election will fix it. A new governor in California will not fix it. It cannot be fixed; it is divine judgment, and it is obviously unleashed on us, and we’re in the final stage, the stage of insanity.

The folly of all follies in a situation like this is to think there’s anything you can do in the human realm to stop the divine judgment of God. That’s not possible. This is God judging, and He laid it out in detail. We are under judgment at a severe level, the most severe level revealed in Scripture, short of final, global judgment yet to come in the end of the age, and eternal judgment in hell. What is wrong in this country is not fixable; this is God bringing judgment. The good news is that He protects His people in the judgment that His cover is over us. We are in the shelter of His protection. We are saved from the wrath to come, and we are protected in the current judgment.

But I just want you to understand that the church has one great responsibility in the midst of this judgment. It’s not to try to fix what’s wrong in society. That same chapter, Romans 1, gives us our mandate. Paul says, “I am not ashamed of the gospel [of Christ], for it is the power of God unto salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew and the Gentile.” Our responsibility is to preach the gospel—not to be ashamed of the gospel but to preach the gospel, which is the only answer. The only hope is Christ, and the only appropriate response to Christ is to embrace Him as Lord and Savior, and to embrace His glorious gospel.

I guess what I’m saying to you is don’t expect it to get better. But it raises the stakes for what we as believers in the world are called to do. And while so many churches, so many churches, ranging from the liberal churches to the even evangelical churches, are caught up in trying to fix what’s wrong in the world—everything is a result of judgment, even the racial hostility, the insanity of teaching people to hate and living on vengeance and revenge. All of these kinds of things are part and parcel of what happens to a culture when God lets them go. They go to an insanity where nothing makes sense. That’s where we are.

For us, we know the truth because we have the mind of Christ in the Word of God. And our responsibility is not somehow to figure out how to fix the world, but how to proclaim the gospel that can deliver people from the world, from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of God’s dear Son. The church needs to focus on the person of Christ; and sadly it’s all over the place on social issues, which cannot be fixed, first of all, because people are sinful. And what’s wrong in the world, in society, is a reflection of sin. And secondly, because that sin is compounded when God removes normal, divine restraint, and it becomes a judgment. So the judgment is that sinners get what they want, and it gets worse and worse and worse.

The church has one calling in the midst of this, and that is to be the church. It should dawn on people about now, if it hasn’t already, that for the church to reach the world it can’t keep trying to be like the world. It amazes me that you have the world cultivating hate and trying to put it in elementary schools and all of that. And then you have evangelical churches feeling like they need to adapt to the issues of the world and filling churches with the same kind of deceptive ideologies. And all it does is rip and shred and tear. You have to see those things for what they are. They’re not fixable; they’re a reflection of fallen sinfulness, a reflection of a nation that has abandoned God, and a reflection of divine judgment itself.

So what do we do in a time like this? Well we have very clear calling, as I said, to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. The church needs to become Christ-centered. For the church to reach the world, it has to stop trying to be like the world, because why would you want to identify with a society under judgment? Understand that what’s going wrong in our society is divine judgment. We have to be the church. We have to be the haven; we have to be the eye of the hurricane; we have to be the safe place. We have to be the place where Christ is exalted and the Word of God is proclaimed, truth is known and believed and lived and taught. We have the mind of Christ, and it’s in the pages of Scripture.

Jesus said in John 12, “If I be lifted up, I will draw men to Myself.” This is the time for the church to focus on lifting up Christ. And that, of course, is the theme of the text that we’re looking at. Turn to Ephesians chapter 1, Ephesians chapter 1. This marvelous epistle directed at the church and the life of the church starts out with an entire first chapter that is as magnificent a portrait of Christ as you will find anywhere in the Bible. It is so profound, and it ties the person of Christ to His people, to His people. It shows us Christ, and it shows us our place in Christ.

 I sincerely hope this brings pause in your and our lives to realize who we truly do belong to. What we are destined to become with an authority awaiting for those of us who choose the right path to follow in this journey of maturity in a dangerous world.

So now what did the Black Robe Patriots do in the beginning, They prayed to God for Strength, Knowledge, Wisdom with the guidance of Christ Jesus they picked up their muskets, called for volunteers and went to work to build a Nation under God.
No Mystery at all. Gods Will is that;
You be Saved, Spirit filled, Sanctified, Submissive, Suffering and
Saying Thanks all the Time.
That’s God’s Will for You…….

Ron Zerby / Oklahoma Born and Breed for one day to be Buried and Risen by Christ to live Forever with Him.
“First, let no one rule your mind or body. Take special care that your thoughts remain unfettered... . Give men your ear, but not your heart. Show respect for those in power, but don't follow them blindly. Judge with logic and reason, but comment not. Consider none your superior whatever their rank or station in life. Treat all fairly, or they will seek revenge. Be careful with your money. Hold fast to your beliefs and others will listen.”
“Wise? No, I simply learned to think.”
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Re: Modern Day Black Robe Patriots

Unread post by Charlene_SoCalGal »

Thanks for this post....good word for today's era.

No mention of the pastor who wrote this piece, but by your description, it sounds like John MacArthur.
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Re: Modern Day Black Robe Patriots

Unread post by sstrykert »

Even a children's cartoon can get it right, how far have we fallen?

It just means we have to climb with more urgency. :-)
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Re: Modern Day Black Robe Patriots

Unread post by LadyEagle222 »

Good word!
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Re: Modern Day Black Robe Patriots

Unread post by Lisamuzi »

Charlene_SoCalGal wrote: Fri Dec 17, 2021 5:40 pm Thanks for this post....good word for today's era.

No mention of the pastor who wrote this piece, but by your description, it sounds like John MacArthur.
I love John Mac Arthur! Great post. Thanks for sharing Destry!
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Re: Modern Day Black Robe Patriots

Unread post by Lawful Nitemare »

After listening to the reading of this and the comments, I'd like to say a few things.

Isn't there a verse in the Bible that states in short "What the Lord giveth, the Lord can taketh away"?

It God has given us judgement, then He can take it away. If you believe this is a simpleton's view. Let's not forget the verse about Looking upon the Lord with a child's wonder and understanding. I may not know the Book or the numbers, but I know what I've read and comprehend.

If we look at God in a simple way, we can remember or imagine a more loving and amazing God. It's as adults we get into trouble by adding adultness to God. Forgetting the wonder and amazement as children we had for God. We need to pray long enough we stop praying for ourselves.

If you believe this is a childish view of the article or of God HImself, I'm good with that. I believe God did not establish our great united States of America just to let it crumble and fall. If God was a parent, He's counted to 3 and ready to come and whip our butts.

But God gives us infinite chances. There is still time and chances to fix what we need to. We should not just give up and wait for the belt.

We should try. Try to spread the word. Try to educate those who are under or uneducated. Try to help those who are stuck and need just a little push to keep going. Try to get those who are not on a "good" path, get back to a better path, but not forcefully. We need to laugh and find humor. After all, God laughs with us and then helps us as we need it.
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Re: Modern Day Black Robe Patriots

Unread post by Scott.Raymond.M »

Charlene_SoCalGal wrote: Fri Dec 17, 2021 5:40 pm Thanks for this post....good word for today's era.

No mention of the pastor who wrote this piece, but by your description, it sounds like John MacArthur.
You are right! I hear this message from John MacArthur
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Re: Modern Day Black Robe Patriots

Unread post by Penny »

"If I shut up the heavens so that there is no rain, or if I command the locust to devour the land or if I send pestilence among My people, and My people who are called by My name humble themselves and pray, and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, will forgive their sin, and will heal their land."

2 Chronicles 7: 13-14
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