How I Am Helping To Assemble Counties Quickly in Georgia

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How I Am Helping To Assemble Counties Quickly in Georgia

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Angie from California asked me to draft a forum post for how I nearly assembled Floyd County GA in a matter of weeks, immediately after becoming a member and being elected as the Cherokee Territory GJA Moderator. I am honored and humbly share my Secret Cause for you all to take and adjust as you need, so you can Efficiently and Effectively Assemble your Counties/States quickly!

Preface: Effective communication must begin with establishing common ground and removing communication barriers and bias in the receiver. The Great Awakening has done an amazing job of shattering many of the communication barriers and shaken people’s unhealthy bias’.
I was able to get 10 people in Floyd County GA sworn in in mere weeks by doing the following:

1. I sat down and thought about who I knew and had a trusting relationship with whom were Awake, Grass Roots Activists, and pissed off at where our nation is and what is happening to God’s little children. I then made a list of the folks that were leading Grass Roots groups in the various counties whom fit the above criteria.

2. I called them and spent 1-3 hours on the phone walking them through history to where we are now. We engage in a conversation, where I answer questions that are pertinent to the topic of discussion. I encourage them to research and validate all I am about to tell them.

a. I start the conversation when they are clearly seeking truth and how we save our nation. I start a conversation about history by asking them, “I am sure you have heard of the Continental Congress”. They always agree they have.

b. Then I explain the Delegates at the Continental Congress were elected from the Assembly members at the Colony Assemblies. I then articulate we call the Colonies Countries now.

c. I explain that the Continental Congress existed prior to the War for Independence from English Crown rule. I then go into how the Delegates at the Continental Congress voted to levy and declare our Independence from British Rule which initiated the War for Independence.

d. I explain the Continental Congress created the Constitution and Bill of Rights via heated debates and fist fights at times.

e. I explain how the Southern Delegates walked out of the Continental Congress prior to the meeting being adjourned and vacated their officer positions in 1860 when Candidate Lincoln was telling them how he was going to take States Power of sovereignty away and put the power into a larger Federal Government.

f. After Lincoln threw the first punch, the Civil War broke out.

g. I tell them about the Organic Act of 1871.

h. I discuss the Creature From Jekyl Island and the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank, which usurped control over our Currency creation. I mention that Article I of the Constitution states that Congress shall Mint and Coin our Currency and maintain the weights and measures there to by tying it to precious metals (Gold and Silver).

i. I explain this act was passed on Dec 24th 1913 when the vast majority of Congress was home with their families. It was unlawfully passed and Repugnant to the Constitution.

j. I explain how the IRS was created months after this Act was passed.

k. Then I tell them Fast forward through time, to the creation of the US Department of Education in 1979. As such, we were all dumbed down to not know our true history and founding or how to clean up the corruption that was spreading like cancer.

3. After this foundational knowledge is created, then start the conversation about the Assembly. I prove the website and invite them to a Conference Call.

4. I held their hand through the process of becoming a member of the Assembly. Making myself available for questions anytime.

I am new and still learning the De Jure GJA processes and some history I did not know, so I ask you to extend me a bit of grace, education, and guidance where needed; without jumping to the conclusion I am an AVR nutjob.


Paul J. Chrisco
Cherokee Territory GJA Moderator - Georgia

p.s. I am a refugee from the San Joaquin Valley of CA.
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