21 Requisitions redacted issued December 2011

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21 Requisitions redacted issued December 2011

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The redacted orders will remain redacted until a later time when completed.
Robert Gilman revealed the first eleven back in 2018 on a national call.
Requisition #19 was completed when Trump announced SpaceForce January 2019.
Requisition #20 was completed with the launching of Starlink and Direct-To-Cell by Elon Musk.
21 requisitions1.png
21 requisitions2.png
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Re: 21 Requisitions redacted issued December 2011

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Hello Destry.

Thank you for posting these.

These are blurry though. Can you please upload clearer images?

In terms of Taxes and Refunds thereto, are we able to take action on those given the requisitions have been acted upon?

Thank you,

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